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  • David Troy

2022 NBA Atlantic Division Sports Betting Preview

We've reached the end here with our sports betting previews of the NBA. I like what I'm seeing from the teams right now and think I have my list of who will make the playoffs and who won't. I'm focusing less on the props angles for futures this year and more on the teams. There will be plenty of opportunity for all awards - last year, the only one that was won within the first month was Tyler Herro's Sixth Man of the Year. Hope you come along for the ride - one that saw us take home over 40u last year.

Boston Celtics 51 - 31 last year, 1st in division

Well, their coach is gone for banging a staffer or two. And, one of the chicks might've been a Vice President's wife. So, there is that drama surrounding the team. They probably have the best roster in all of the league though. You have Defenisve Player of the Year, Marcus Smart, Derrick White looked great with the team last year, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum have enough discussion around them, Al Horford is a savvy veteran that is willing to do the dirty work. That doesn't mention another defensive anchor - Robert Williams or Grant Williams. When Robert Williams comes back, White probably heads to the bench where another key to the Celtics is located: Malcolm Brogdon. He's going to be a great piece off the bench. 53.5 is their win total - they either come back hungry or are distracted and the first month could be what makes or breaks this. Too hard to tell in my book.

Philadelphia 76ers 51 - 31, 2nd

Is this the year that Joel Embiid wins the MVP? I think he should be the favorite (he isn't Luka is), but I don't know that it is worth it to bet on it right now. Tyrese Maxey is better than I thought he ever would be. James Harden is not the same Harden he once was but looked better than he did with Durant and the Nets. Tobias Harris is not the third option they thought he was. PJ Tucker is a great addition because they need someone on defense that will rebound and do little things but not need the ball to be useful offensively. Their second unit is pretty solid too. I think 51 wins again is reasonable, but the East is getting better, and you have two guys that are likely to miss some time in Harden and Embiid.

Toronto Raptors 48 - 34, 3rd

I will be the first to admit, I was dead wrong about them last season. I thought they would be one of the worst teams in all of basketball and they ended up fifth in the league. Drafting Scottie Barnes obviously made a huge difference. They didn't really make any splashy off-season moves but did add Otto Porter Jr. who will be a nice piece off the bench. They have five solid starters that play a lot of minutes. I find it hard for them to replicate the success they had last year, but I'm not going on record saying it won't happen again.

Brookyln Nets 44 - 38, 4th

For a big franchise, it was a shame they didn't get any press coverage over the offseason. (That was written in sarcasm font in case you can't tell.) Kevin Durant is here to stay, and apparently so is Kyrie Irving. That wasn't the problem last year though, it was that they had no one else to help them. Nic Claxton having a defined role will help, and having Joe Harris back is a big deal. I didn't mention Ben Simmons either. He should be back, but the funny thing is Steve Nash has already said he doesn't care if Simmons doesn't shoot at all. Patty Mills and Royce O'Neale should be reliable off of the bench and Seth Curry will be a good sub for Harris. The drama surrounding them is still there, though and isn't going away any time soon.

New York Knicks 37 - 45, 5th

Well, they got who they wanted out of the offseason - Jalen Brunson. But, does that mean that we should see the Knicks rebound and be some sort of great team? Probably not. Brunson is good and all, but franchise-altering, probably not. They had too many issues last year that aren't going to be fixed by just him. Julius Randle was bad last season. Evan Fournier was only good in national games. RJ Barrett took a big step forward. The key here is going to be getting this team to play well together. It is possible, but there is only one ball and not many of these guys play well without it.


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