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2022 NL East Divisional Preview

We’ve started already with the AL East and the divisional previews continue now with the NL East. If you’re interested in getting an MLB Package that contains Futures and daily plays (including KBO) you can buy that package now.

Atlanta Braves, 1st Place last year, 88-73 (World Series Winner)

A tale as old as time in Major League Baseball, win a championship and don’t resign the players that got you there. Freddie Freeman is no longer a Brave. While some will look at it from a nostalgia point of view, others will simply say it was a smart investment to not keep him around as he is likely to not produce at the same level he had. Anyway, this team still has a ton of talent and one of the best young rosters around. Their pitching staff is solid, at least the first two or three guys, and their bullpen was… um… bolstered(?) with the addition of Kenley Jansen. The bigger news here is they will get back Ronald Acuna Jr., one of the best position players in the game. 90.5 wins is their total right now. Do they have a World Series hangover, or will they want to repeat?

Philadelphia Phillies, 2nd Place last year, 82-80

The Phillies signed Kyle Schwarber and Nick Castellanos. They can ask the Cubs from a few years ago how well that works out for them. Luckily the addition of a DH should help, but Schwarber is still a bit of a question mark. When he is hot, he can carry a team. When he isn’t, he doesn’t add much value at all. He never blossomed into the hitter for average that he was projected to be. Nonetheless, the Phillies can compete for the division. Their starting rotation could use another arm, but at just 85.5 wins, I’m taking the over.

New York Mets, 3rd Place last year, 77-85

Let’s start with the good: They have Max Scherzer and Jacob deGrom, arguably the best duo of any team in baseball. The bad news is, I don’t think they throw 50 games combined this season. And, even if they do, that’s still 100 games that the rest of their staff have to win for them. I think the Mets are overrated and I’m not impressed by their position players. If I had to, I’d take Pete Alonso to be the home run leader for the MLB.

Miami Marlins, 4th Place last year, 67-95

Back to being bottom feeders for the Marlins. Sure, it was a nice story during the COVID-shortened season, but the Marlins are back to being a joke of a franchise. They signed Jorge Soler, which is fine, but it won’t make them win more games. Their pitching staff is still a disaster, even though I like Jesus Luzardo. Can they make a 10-game improvement this year? Unlikely in my book.

Washington Nationals, 5th Place last year, 65-97

This is another franchise that is on the rebuild. They traded away all of their good players, or lost them, after winning the World Series. Tangent upcoming: I don’t like the Dodgers, but I respect that they keep pouring money into the team even after winning. That isn’t something most teams do and it is really depressing. They still have a good enough pitching staff that makes me think they can win at least as many games, and maybe more than last year. They don’t have much outside of Juan Soto though, and even with the ageless Nelson Cruz protecting him, it will be difficult for this offense to score runs. I do like Soto to hit more home runs than Acuna Jr. at +100 right now.

- David

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