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AL West 2021 Division Preview

AL West Division Preview

If you haven’t checked out the NL West Division Preview that was the first in the MLB division previews. As a reminder these are not picks from BTB and Jesse, if you want those, click Buy Packages above and get in on the futures and every day MLB picks. Then the only thing left is to plan how you’ll spend your money you get from winning with their picks.

Oakland A’s – Last year Oakland did a great job of winning the division and beating the White Sox to advance in the postseason before blowing it against the Astros. This year, it will, as usual, be about health. Their starting pitching doesn’t have the big names that some other teams may have, but the young talent certainly has the potential to keep them atop the division for another year. They are listed as a slight favorite at +125 to win the division and 87.5 wins. I’m going to pass on them altogether but would lean towards the under. One option to consider though if you want to force it would be them making the playoffs at -130.

Houston Astros – I think the biggest question I have about the Astros this year is are we done with trash can jokes or not? It should be an interesting season down in Houston. No Verlander until at least September, and if they aren’t in contention I can’t imagine them bringing him back. Greinke is no longer as dominant as he once was. I think Framber Valdez ends up having the best season on the staff and maybe challenges for most strikeouts in the AL. They lost George Springer and made no super significant addition. I like them to be under 86.5 wins this season. I see them coming in third place and not making the playoffs (-112, same as making the playoffs).

Seattle Mariners – Going through their team, I recognized like three names. So I spent a lot of time researching them and still don’t feel like I really know anything about them. What I do see happening is that if anyone has any trade value, they will be sent away. Paxton returning could bring some positivity, and Justice Sheffield could take another step forward. They are listed at 72.5 wins, and frankly, I don’t see them getting there, but not enough that I want to risk it.

Los Angeles Angels – They added Quintana and Ohtani should be pitching again this year, will that make enough of an impact to make the Angels an above .500 team? Maybe this is the year Joe Maddon makes his big impact and gets the team to turn around and they make the playoffs. I personally like their chances, something about their moves and the division seems like there is opportunity. They are +375 for the division and +160 to make the playoffs. You can probably guess, but I also like over 83.5 wins for them. No doubt about Trout, he’s the best in the game and is +200 to win MVP – not really worth it to me, it is too random, even if he should win every year.

Texas Rangers – One of my favorite bets last year was on the Rangers when Lance Lynn started and unders when he started. He is now gone so there really is nothing to be excited about with them. I think they can squeak out about 67 or 68 wins which puts them over their total. Again, though, this isn’t one I feel much confidence in.

- David Troy

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