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  • David Troy

AL West 2022 Division Preview

We’ve made it across the country and are ready to start discussing the AL West now. With some of the biggest names in the game, and one of the most maligned teams in the entire league here we have plenty to discuss. If you’re looking for all of the picks on the MLB games or Futures, click Buy Packages.

Houston Astros, 1st Place, 95-67

After a year of trash can jokes, the Astros made it all the way back to the World Series where they ultimately lost to the Braves. Now, they’ve lost someone that is arguably their best player, Carlos Correa, but they are getting back their best pitcher, Justin Verlander. They still have a deep roster and a lot of talent. Their pitching staff is probably the best in the division. They are posted with a 91.5 win total, and I think it is reasonable. Not much edge available.

Seattle Mariners, 2nd Place, 90-72

I really don’t remember the last time the Mariners were relevant. They might not either, which is why they tried to boost their progress from last season and are looking to make a difference this year. They signed Robbie Ray, the 2021 AL Cy Young, and they added Eugenio Suarez and Adam Frazier. Those guys aren’t going to really scare any opposing staff, but they should give a little more help to the squad. The books also don’t think the Mariners will replicate the success of last year, but they are at 83.5. I’d play the over if I had to, but I don’t have to.

Oakland Athletics, 3rd Place, 90-72

The A’s started their year by trading away their best player, Matt Olson. They still have a couple of decent arms in their rotation, and they always seem to find gems of players that make a noticeable difference. But, it also feels like this year they are trying to phone it in and get a better draft pick or something. I’d expect them to trade away players by the deadline.

Los Angeles Angels, 4th Place, 77-85

The Angels might have gotten the best addition of the entire offseason by getting Mike Trout back from injury. That’s a huge addition if he comes back as the Mike Trout that has had millions of articles written about him and how he might be one of the greatest players of all time. Additionally, they added Noah Syndergaard to their rotation. If he still has any Thor magic left in him, the Angels might be able to compete for the division. All of these words, and we haven’t even discussed the MVP, Shohei Othani.

Texas Rangers, 5th Place, 60-102

I’m not sure that they will finish the division in last place, but they might. They spent a ton of money to add Marcus Semien and Corey Seager, but really their problem is that their pitching staff is garbage. I don’t see anyone in their rotation that will be able to be a stopper or anything remotely close. A 15-game improvement would be a shock to me.

- David

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