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Belgium vs Italy

One of the premier matchups in EURO 2020 happens this Friday, July 2, 2021 between Belgium and Italy. For the casual fan, most watch during EURO, the Olympics, and World Cup. But, for the professional handicapper, soccer is one of the best sports because it is year-round and you have multiple opportunities each day… and they pay the exact same money as football, baseball, basketball, or any other sport you enjoy betting on.

So far, Italy has been very strong in the tournament. They are 4-0 and have given up one goal in their matches. After winning their first two games by three goals, they played tighter matchups winning only by one goal the next two games.

Belgium also is 4-0 in the EURO and you could make an argument that they have had tougher opponents. They also have been defensively strong by giving up only two goals so far, and they’ve outscored opponents 8-2. In their last matchup against Portugal, they only had one shot on goal, but were able to convert it.

Belgium and Italy haven’t played head-to-head since 2016 in the last EURO Championship. Italy won that game 2-0. Early lines have Italy as a favorite at -155 as the team to advance, meaning that even after any shootouts or anything, they will move forward. Italy is also the third favorite to win the EURO at +370. Belgium is fifth with odds of +700. Both teams are more than capable to win this match.

This should be a very tough matchup for both sides. Italy is too difficult to predict who will score goals for them. For Belgium, Lukaku is one of the safer options in the EURO to score and he is only behind Ronaldo on the leaderboard. He is available on FanDuel right now at +160 to score anytime. I also feel like this won’t be a shutout, both teams to score is available at +100.

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- David Troy

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