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Bucks @ Nets - Game 7 Preview

Ah, Game 7. Those two words sports fans love to hear. Even if you don’t care for the particular sport that’s being played it is always popular to tune in or check the score because of the finality of it all. The decided complete outcome is what we yearn for, and as sports bettors, we are used to those final results at the end of the buzzer. We win or lose and move to the next one.

The line for the game currently sits as Brooklyn with the slight favorite (-0.5 or -1 in most shops). DraftKings has a total of 215 on the game. It’s a fair line with three games coming in under that total, and three going over. However, two of the games that went over happened in Brooklyn. Game 7 can show a lot of nerves as players tighten up and don’t shoot as effectively. To me this comes down to each team’s stars if the total will go over or under.

Durant is not most players, he can rise up and be better than he normally is. He’s also played in the most high pressure games before. Harden doesn’t really perform well under pressure in my opinion. If he scores 20, which the Nets need him to do, I’d be kind of surprised. Giannis has played in one Game 7 and they lost with him only scoring 22. Middleton is the x-factor for the Bucks. He’s scored over 35 in two of the three Bucks wins. He finally had a good game in Brooklyn in Game 5. He needs to step it up for the Bucks to close this out.

My expectation is that the Nets win the game. I’ll always take the best player in a one game winner take all scenario. That player is Durant. If you want all the plays from an expert be sure to sign up for BTB’s plays.

- David Troy

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