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Euro 2020 Final

Two teams remain for EURO 2020 and neither is that big of a surprise. Italy has made it back to the final for the first time since 2012 and is searching for its first EURO Championship since 1968. England is in the finals for the first time ever and thus looking to hoist the trophy for the first time. They’ve come in third twice, 1968 and 1996. Let’s look at how they got here and any potential prop bets we can make.

Italy has played in six games in the tournament with three shutouts and giving up a total of three goals. In each of the last three matches they’ve surrendered one goal. The only match they didn’t win outright was against Spain where they won on penalty kicks. Obviously as the tournament goes on, the matches get tougher, but Italy has shown they are strong defensively and can strike offensively at optimal times. You could argue that Spain was better than Italy in the last game, but they held strong enough to advance. Italy is second in the tournament with 12 goals, but no one player is in the top 10 individual goal scorers for the tournament, showing they have a team approach rather than individual superstar.

Speaking of superstar, Harry Kane started slowly, but has been at the center of most of what England has accomplished in this tournament. Kane has come on recently and has reached second in total goals scored with four. He is currently +325 to be the top goal scorer which, for him to win outright, he needs to score two goals against Italy or one goal and two assists. Although most of the success should be attributed also to the defense of England. They’ve had five shutouts in the tournament and given up only one goal. However, one of their shutouts also involved them not scoring at all resulting in a draw.

These two teams matchup very well and this should be a hard fought game with both teams looking to control possession as much as possible and strike when the opportunity presents itself. I don’t think either will be overly aggressive to start, but do think they both score in the game – even with all of their shutouts. Both teams to score is +108.

Aside from that, I think I’ll take a shot on Lorenzo Insigne to score a goal at +400. He has 14 attempts for Italy and two goals in the tournament. He also has the most shots on target for Italy. However, if you’re looking for all the plays for the last game of EURO 2020 and for futbol – a year round sport – sign up with BTB and get all of his plays.

- David Troy

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