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  • David Troy

MLB World Series MVP Picks

The World Series is upon us and we have a decent matchup between the Braves and the Astros. The series has the potential to be a good one between two teams that have both lost a big-name player on their team. The Braves made it here despite losing their best player, Ronald Acuna Jr, and the Astros have lost Lance McCullers Jr. We now have the opportunity for picking the World Series MVP. BTB and BTBJesse are still supplying you with picks and those can be found by clicking here.

I'm going to supply you with two options for each team and why I think they could win the World Series MVP. These are just for fun bets, but hopefully we hit the one you choose.

Eddie Rosario

Rosario is coming off of the NLCS MVP. A series in which he batted .560, had three home runs, and nine RBIs. So, to say Rosario is hot is a bit of an understatement. He is 9 for 32 against Houston pitchers in his career with six extra-base hits, including three home runs. He is currently not the favorite, that is Freddie Freeman. But, Rosario can replicate what Corey Seager did last year and win the NLCS MVP and the World Series MVP. Madison Bumgarner also won both awards in the same year, so my point is there is some precedent for it happening. I like Rosario at +1200 to win the MVP.

Yordan Alvarez

Alvarez also is hot. He too won the ALCS MVP and has the potential for it to carry forward. The biggest difference is that he is the DH. The Astros can easily find a spot for him over three games, but some guys are just better hitters when they only have to focus on that. Still, in the ALCS, he hit .522 with six RBIs and seven runs scored. In the last 20 years, no ALCS MVP has won the World Series MVP. Alvarez has little experience against the Braves pitchers, but he's been fine against them. At +850, there is some value he could be the one to hoist the trophy.

Framber Valdez

Valdez is a strong pitcher and has had a good season. If the team was fully healthy, you'd be looking at McCullers pitching Game 1 and Valdez pitching Game 2. I believe if Valdez can get two games - this one and potentially the clincher - then he has a really strong shot at the MVP. It becomes even stronger if he makes three appearances. Against the Red Sox he might have gotten it together in his last start where he went eight innings and allowed only one earned run. The value is there with a +2500 play on him.

Jorge Soler

Soler came over to the Braves around the deadline and he hit 14 home runs and was a good hitter for them, exactly what they needed. He has not had a good postseason and is always at risk to be taken out for a defensive replacement. He also only had two at-bats against the Dodgers in the NLCS. Familiarity is about the only reason I think he has a chance, that and his power. If he hits a couple of home runs in this series - something he is more than capable of doing - he can win the MVP award. He's 9 for 27 against Houston pitchers, and even if he doesn't face all of them (or Odorizzi whom he is 4-for-10 against). At +3500 it is unlikely, but stranger things happen.


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