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MNF Preview

The NFC North looked like a complete dumpster fire last week as the NFL season got into full swing. No team looked worse than the Packers though. After an offseason of complete turmoil, battles between player(s) and the front office, and threats from Aaron Rodgers to want out completely, they went to the game and promptly got their asses kicked. Rodgers has been reduced to just a meme this week, and everyone seems to be writing them off. As they take on the Lions Monday night, let us see if there is anything we can play. As always, if you want a full slate of NFL games, click the Buy Packages link above and get the expert picks of BTB and BTB Jesse who are fresh off of a 16-3 week 2 performance.

The Lions played the 49ers last week, and while it was a struggle for them most of the game, they ended up covering. Jared Goff looked pretty much like the Goff we’ve become accustomed to over the past few seasons, but he was asked to throw the ball 57 times, which is a crazy high amount. It isn’t very surprising as they were down most of the game and down by 24 points at one point. They also have a battle now at running back with Jamaal Williams and D’Andre Swift splitting carries. Williams, in my opinion looks like the better running back. The intriguing thing to me is that the two RBs received 20 targets in the game, which is a ton for running backs that normally aren’t very involved in the passing game.

The Packers, well, they were outplayed from the start of the game. They allowed Jameis Winston five touchdown passes on less than 150 passing yards, which has to be some sort of record. They lost the ball three times in the game which didn’t help their cause either. Alvin Kamara was, as always, a focal point of the offense and he had 23 touches for 91 yards and a touchdown. That bodes fairly well for Swift and Williams. I do expect that the Packers get back on track though. Rodgers is highly unlikely to be 15-for-28 with only 133 yards and no touchdowns with two interceptions.

As always, I’m taking DeVante Adams to be the first touchdown scorer (+500). This game is likely to go one of two ways – Rodgers to go ballistic and play like last year’s MVP, or to not care at all, as he appeared last game and force the Packers to trade him or put in Jordan Love. I think it is the first option and like him to throw over 2.5 touchdowns (I think Adams scores two touchdowns at +325) at +115.

I also think that the Packers defense will improve, but the passing game will still be somewhat of an issue. I think Goff will be playing from behind again and need to throw the ball a lot, there is some value on him throwing over 1.5 touchdowns himself at +105. As always though, if you want the full slate of plays for this game and all NFL games, click that Buy Packages button above and get on the BTB team.

- David Troy

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