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  • David Troy

NBA All-Star Best Prop Bets

The NBA season has reached the “half-way” point of the season. In reality, they only have roughly 20 games remaining in the year. We’ve done pretty good so far but will look to continue success with the latter half. Our futures look like they are in an outstanding spot. Our two MAX plays look like they should be easy cashes, and we even have MVP favorite, Joel Embiid, with a +700 ticket from the preseason. Let’s go for ending on a strong note. If you’re interested in the NBA package, you can sign up now – the All-Star Break will not count against your 30 days.

Here are my All-Star Plays… I’d caution that these aren’t my typical plays, there is only so much analysis you can do on these and there is some luck involved. Do as you’d like, but I’d suggest lowering your unit size on these.

Dunk Contest

I like Obi Toppin to take this. He was the runner-up last year and he had some really impressive dunks. He lost in the Finals to Anfernee Simons. It was a travesty in my opinion. Kissing the rim? Really? Toppin dunked from the free-throw line (kinda) through the legs. I’m taking Toppin to win at +205 on DraftKings (+220 at FanDuel).

3-Point Contest

There are a lot of ways to play this. I like Luke Kennard to win the contest at +450. There are really two other guys I’d consider – VanVleet and Mills. VanVleet is shooting 40% from deep this season, averaging 4 threes a game on 10 attempts. Patty Mills is shooting nearly 42%. He’s a good set shooter and doesn’t need to dribble before he shoots – something VanVleet doesn’t NEED to do either, but he does dribble into shots fairly often. Luke Kennard, though, is shooting 44.8% from deep. The problem I have with him is he has been injured lately so his rhythm might be off. I’ll still take him because I think he is setup best to win. One other cause for concern, I don’t think a lefty has ever won the contest, unless I missed something in my research (let me know). I will likely put a little on Mills too because if one hits, we make good profit either way.

Skills Challenge

The Skills Challenge is different this year. There are a few rounds and I think the Rooks have the advantage in at least two of them. The passing and relay round should have the three rookies, Cade Cunningham, Josh Giddey, and Scottie Barnes with an advantage. Shooting might be an advantage for them as well. Half-court is a complete crapshoot in my opinion. If the first shooter hits, then it is going to be very difficult for the other team to win. No matter how good they were in the first portion. I think the Cavs have a decent chance and I think Team Antetokounmpo was just done as a favor to Giannis. So, Rooks -125 is a decent bet, but the problem still is that half-court shot. I think the Rooks play in the finals, so I’ll put a small play on the Cavs in hopes they can hit a half-court shot first.

All-Star Game MVP

I’m taking my guy Ja Morant. We bet on him on a Spaces at +4000 to win the MVP and he has dropped down significantly since that day. Will he win? At this point, probably not, but he has a good case and 20 games left to solidify it. If Jokic and Embiid split some votes, Morant could win. Enough about the regular season, though. Morant plays hard at all times, he can make show-stopping dunks, he can shoot from outside, and he is starting. Provided he is fine (he should be, he played a lot in the last game for the Grizzlies). The problem is that Team LeBron probably wins this game. It is also in Cleveland. I knew LeBron would win the MVP for the Los Angeles game the year before he went to LA. I feel like this is the only thing he has a chance to win this year. I’ll take LeBron to win at +600 and Morant at +900.

- David

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