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NBA - Southwest Division Preview

We’ve made it to the final of our NBA Divisional Previews. This maybe the most interesting of all the divisions, and although Dallas is a strong favorite, there are other areas we can consider outside of just winning the division.

Houston has a bigger problem than just winning games at this point. Harden wants out of Houston after they blew up the team this offseason. They had their chances to win a championship with him at the helm and there is no denying his scoring ability, but at this point, I think Harden himself needs to change if he actually wants to hoist anything other than an MVP trophy. You can’t currently bet on their win total for the season, but if you believe Harden stays, and John Wall and Boogie Cousins are going to be the superstars they once were… then you probably still should be getting better odds than +500.

Luka Doncic will win the MVP this year. Barring any sort of injury, Luka will win it. Dallas still is not a good enough team to win anything else other than the division, but that helps Luka’s cause. Their best hope is that Kristaps Porzingis, under the strength of another season removed from injury, becomes what he once was. Between the two European talents, they should easily take the division. They are available at 42.5 wins and I see no reason they can’t do that. The supporting cast gives more question marks than confidence, but I still think them obtaining 45 wins is possible and even likely.

Memphis has a bright future. The possibility is there for them to at least contend for the playoffs this season. Ja Morant is a joy to watch and everything they could ask for in a number 2 pick. Jaren Jackson Jr. is one of my favorite player prop guys to bet on regularly. He can do a bit of everything. The Grizz are obviously a few pieces from being a surefire playoff spot, and have a win total of 30.5 right now after winning 34 last year. I don’t think their team is four games worse this year. 31 or 32 is well within reason. Do yourself a favor though and take the over at DraftKings on their winning percentage (40.5).

The Spurs are turning into San Antonio the city. Old, not very exciting, but a classic that you know what to expect. DeMar DeRozan will likely win them two or three games they shouldn’t with hot shooting, and Popp is always good at getting the most out of his team. Aside from that, this is likely another rebuilding year for the Spurs. Their competition is most likely a battle for staying above .500 and not a battle for the playoffs. The over 29.5 has more juice on it right now, but I see them being under. I just wouldn’t bet on it.

Zion gets a full season! Well, kind of a full season. There were certainly games that he lived up to the hype and was a better shooter than expected. I’m excited to watch his development and adjustment to the game. Books are expecting them to be a .500 team and I don’t really disagree. Steven Adams is a nice addition, and Brandon Ingram took a big step forward last year. He has the potential to continue that development. I prefer to hope they can make the 8 seed and take them at +132 instead of playing their total.

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- David Troy

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