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NFC South Win Total Bets

The start of the NFL Season is almost here. We've already seen BTB crush some NFL preseason plays and expect the same to continue when the games really start to matter. Not only will you get all of his plays, but you'll also get BTBJesse's plays. And, if you've been playing his WNBA plays, you probably can buy the full season off of the cash he's made you. Anyway, this article is going to discuss different teams, and what I'd play for win totals or stay off of. Remember, these are not BTB's thoughts, or Jesse's, just mine. Enjoy.

New Orleans Saints - 8.5 wins

Some of these won't be full descriptions or anything. Sometimes, there isn't that much to say about a team. With the Saints, I do think they can win 9 games. I don't believe it enough to think that it is worth playing though. I could see them winning eight with ease, and that means they just have to get lucky in one game.

Atlanta Falcons - 4.5 wins

I've got them at three or four wins on the year. I don't think they will be talented enough to win much more than that. I officially will play them under 4.5 wins. I actually think I might have more confidence in Desmond Ridder as the quarterback, but offensively, I think they will struggle no matter who the quarterback is.

Carolina Panthers - 6.5 wins

I like the over here for them. I think they should be able to get both games against Atlanta this season. I expect them to win the first game against Cleveland, so that's three right there. That means they just need to go 4-10 the rest of the way to get the over to cash. If I had to play this, it would be the over.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 11.5 wins

I'm only counting on about 10 wins without question, and a few games that I'd consider tossups. Brady is apparently going to be back, but I don't know what is happening with him. He probably could wake up and churn out a 10-win season. However, whatever was "wrong" with the Buccaneers under Bruce Arians needs to be fixed in order for success. I don't know that they get to 12 wins, but it is possible and realistic. Then again, I also can see them winning just 10 or 11 games. I can't play this.

Good Luck!

- David

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