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Plus Money, Lunch Money Fun

We are down to the final eight playoff teams for the NFL and just a few short weeks to the Prop Bet game of the year – the Super Bowl. Let’s take a look at some prop bets that are fun for these games. Keep in mind, these are NOT BTB’s plays. These are just some fun plays to put a little lunch money on and hope to hit.

Green Bay vs. Los Angeles

Probably should just call this the Davante Adams section. He has rewarded bettors quite a bit this year, being the first touchdown scorer in six of the 14 games he played. Not only that, but he scored 18 times, including multiple touchdowns in four of those games. While he is still matched up against Jalen Ramsey this week, I plan on throwing a couple taco dinners on Adams to be the first TD scorer (+500). Looking for alternatives for Adams for the first TD? No problem, every other Packers game has had a TE (Tonyan or Hockenson from DET) or a RB score (Jones or opponent RB) first in any game Adams did not score the first TD. So, go ahead throw something on Akers (+700), Jones (+600), Tonyan (+1000), or maybe Higbee (+2000) if you’re looking for a bigger splash.

Buffalo vs. Baltimore

Unfortunately, there is no real trend to follow for first touchdown scorer for either Buffalo or Baltimore. The ball has been spread out quite a bit, and while the Ravens seem to score first I wouldn’t say they are a better bet to score first. One good option to me is looking at the Bills or Ravens for the first score to be a Field Goal. Both are currently listed at +430, and with both defenses being able to stop teams but not dominant I think a Field Goal is likely the first score of the game. I’d bet a nice steak burrito on each side and hope the kicking game starts the day.

Kansas City vs. Cleveland

Probably not a surprise here, but Cubb has the most first TD scores in the Browns games. It isn’t exactly amazing or something, but it was four times out of 13 games. He also scored multiple touchdowns in three of his 13 games. On the other side of the ball, Hill and Kelce are the most likely to score the first touchdown, also not a surprise. I think that Cleveland is likely to get the ball first and will score on their first drive. If they win the toss I can’t imagine they give the ball to Mahomes, and if the Chiefs get the ball, I expect them to want the ball to start the second half. The Browns are +525 to score a field goal as the first score of the game, and +260 to score a touchdown. A quesadilla dinner on the Browns to score first either way!

New Orleans vs. Tampa Bay

In the first half of the season, Tampa was really good about being the first team to score (six of eight games). As the season carried on, they were the first team to score in only three of nine. On the Saints side, Kamara (+500) has scored three of the game’s first touchdowns in 13 games that Brees has started. Not exactly an overwhelming trend. In fact, Jared Cook (+1500) has scored the Saints first touchdown 3 times, and you’re going to get better odds on that. Kamara has scored multiple touchdowns in five of the 17 games he has played this year, including the first game of the season against Tampa Bay. I think I’ll drop one enchilada dinner on this bad boy at +200.

There you have it some plus money, lunch money fun for you to enjoy with this weekend’s games. If you want picks, join the BTB team and enjoy winners from BTB and Jesse! Sign up now for all picks including the Super Bowl.

- David Troy

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