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AL West 2023 Win Total Best Bets

We have reached the end of the divisional previews and my thoughts on win totals for each team. I haven't talked to BTB or Jesse about any of these, so just know these thoughts are my own - no one else's. If you're interested in getting their MLB futures - which include multiple MAX plays - take the MLB Full Season or MLB 30 Day package and get all futures and the first 30 days of the MLB season.

Houston Astros, 106-56 last year, 1st in the division

Did the Astros get better in the offseason? They lost Justin Verlander and Trey Mancini. They also just lost Jose Altuve during the World Baseball Classic for at least two months. But, they gained Jose Abreu, a player who should be a great addition to a potent lineup. You can't replace the season that Verlander just had, but their rotation is still stacked with very talented pitchers. Do they win the division? Probably. Do they win 96 games? I don't know, but a 10-game drop off both seems likely and unlikely. I'm staying away.

Seattle Mariners, 90-72, 2nd

The Mariners were a bit of a surprise to me. Tip of the cap to Jesse who called that they would be good last year and also Julio Rodriguez to win rookie of the year. I think a lot went right for the Mariners last year and they either take a step forward this year or take a big step back. This is a somewhat obvious statement, but my point is that if they take a step back, it will be them winning roughly 81 games. If they step forward, they probably steal the division. The biggest benefit for the Mariners is that they now have a full season of Luis Castillo. Will Rodriguez have a sophomore slump or is he the real deal? I'd lean toward real deal. I will say 87.5, it seems like the only way to play them is the over, but I'm just not a believer in the pitching staff outside of Castillo. I'll stay off personally but defer to someone who has a better feel for them.

Los Angeles Angels, 73-89, 3rd

I was not happy with the Angels last year. I expect it to be the season they took a step forward and actually make the playoffs. They were, once again, a disaster. What happened to Anthony Rendon? He has barely played over 100 games in the past two seasons. He gets 35 million dollars per season and in those three years since he joined LA he has been paid 1.75 million dollars per home run. Not a bad gig if you can get it. The Angels didn't do enough this offseason to make a difference and are going to continue to waste Trout and Ohtani's primes. I'd bet they remain under .500 again and will take the under 82.5.

Texas Rangers, 68-94, 4th

Of all teams in the West, you could argue they made the most splashes this offseason. They added Jacob deGrom and Nathan Eovaldi in the offseason and that helps with their rotation - a big issue from last year. Their lineup still has very little to be excited about outside of Corey Seager. At least now they've put themselves in a position to win once every five days with deGrom (if he can go 30 starts a year, which I would guess he won't). Eovaldi should at least get them into a decent position to win more games as well. I don't think they will be over .500 this year either though. I'll take under 82.5 wins.

Oakland Athletics, 60-102, 5th

Does Oakland have anything that they should look forward to this year? Yes, they do. Specifically, they need to look forward to the trade deadline because at that point they will likely be selling everything off that has any value. There isn't much on the roster right now that has value, but I'm sure there are a few players that might have a shot to help a contender. I have to imagine that they lose another 100 games, but are we going to take them to win only in the 50's? It is the only way I'd look, but I'm not sure I want to get there with an official play.

- David

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