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NL West 2023 Win Totals Best Bets

The MLB Season is just days away and here we are, ready to take on the full 162-day season with both daily bets and future bets. In these articles, you'll see a preview of each MLB team, broken down by division. These are not BTB or BTBJesse's plays, these are the open thoughts of FuturePrez2024. If you want the entire package of MLB futures buy the package above. The package also comes with the first 30-days of the MLB season.

Los Angeles Dodgers, 111-51 last year, 1st in the division

I think we can all agree the Dodgers will not win 110+ games this season, right? Even the book thinks there will be quite the drop off for the Dodgers this season as they have their total hanging at 95.5 on DraftKings. They still have a reliable rotation, but instead of Walker Buehler they have Noah Syndergaard, and Tony Gonsolin is going to start the season on the injured list. They added J.D. Martinez so there should be more power in the lineup, but they lost Trea Turner so the offense will step back a bit. I probably would only say to play the under, but I don't feel confidently enough in it to head to the window for it.

San Diego Padres, 89-73, 2nd

Where does all of this money keep coming from, and how long do they keep spending until they either blow it up or win a World Series. It seems like they are taking the Dodgers blueprint from a few years ago - or the Yankees from the late 90's. Either way, the Padres are loaded in the lineup with athletes. Fernando Tatis Jr. should be back in a few months. The addition of Xander Bogaerts is significant and they locked up Manny Machado for even longer so there is no contract negotiation looming over his head. They still have some questions about their pitching staff, but I could see them winning over 94 games and taking the division. I imagine they will be willing to spend on another pitcher if they need to.

San Francisco Giants, 81-81, 3rd

The Giants surprised everyone two years ago but really fell apart last year in comparison. I didn't expect the Giants to be a good team a couple of years ago but I did see them not playing as well last year. Their lineup is not filled with hitters that are scary names, but put together, they should be able to do a bit of damage. The pitching staff is lacking a true ace. Logan Webb is talented, Alex Cobb is good and so is Sean Manaea. I don't think I'd back anything here other than the under.

Arizona Diamondbacks, 74-88, 4th

Will the Diamondbacks be great? Probably not, but they might be better than the Giants are this year. They were supported last year by two very good pitchers in Zac Gallen and Merrill Kelly. Kelly is actually pitching in the World Baseball Classic so I'm interested to see how he responds to the different workload to start his season. The rest of the rotation will be hit or miss in each and every game. They have some decent hitters in their lineup, but this comes down to them being good contact hitters and their pitchers being able to replicate last season. Their total is 75.5 and I'm not sure I ever want money on the Diamondbacks outside of individual games, but I'd only look towards the over.

Colorado Rockies, 68-94, 5th

The Rockies are a .500 team... if they play at home every game. They don't though. 81 of their games come on the road and they lost roughly two-thirds of the road games. Their team didn't get any better. Will Kris Bryant play any games for them this year? Will any of their pitchers have a sub-4 ERA? I could see them losing 100 games this year but there isn't much room for error on either side at 65.5 games.

- David

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