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  • David Troy

MLB Player Props for Friday, July 15, 2022

I should've shared the only play I had yesterday on Twitter, unfortunately, I didn't have time to write an article. But, I'll keep an eye out for the same bet next time and see if we can cash it together. Anyway, today we have one play. If you haven't been playing BTB's and Jesse's plays, you've been missing out. The play below is researched, capped, etc., but they are for lunch money rather than the big bucks that you can make with the rest of the team.

Andre Pallante over 3.5 Ks +115 (DK)

Andre Pallante has been a strong pitcher for the Cardinals this season and he now gets to take on the Reds. Look, the Reds aren't quite as bad as you probably envision from when they lost like 20 games or whatever. In fact, they just beat the Yankees in a series. Pallante has exceeded this strikeout number in his last two games. The Reds are in the bottom 10 of the MLB for most strikeouts per game. Pallante struck out four Reds in his first matchup against them, also a home start. I think at this low number and Pallante's success at home should get him multiple innings which gives us more chances to get the Ks we need.

- David

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