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Monday Night Football Preview

David Troy (@FuturePrez2024) - October 26th, 2020

Bears vs. Rams (-6) 44.5 O/U

Tonight brings us a game between two teams that are somewhat of enigmas. We have the 5-1 Chicago Bears who could just as easily 1-5 and the 4-2 Rams who have averaged 17.6 points in the state of California, and 33 points outside of it. What does this mean for tonight’s matchup between the two teams?

Offensively, the Bears, even after switching to Foles, look like they are lost. It is a shame that Allen Robinson has had to suffer through Bortles, Trubisky, and Foles in his career. He is a great receiver and deserves better than that. Since Foles has taken over, there has been a mediocre increase in quarterback play. It is so minimal, that you really may not notice that there is a difference – Foles has more yardage in three and a half games.

As usual, the Bears defense is their strong point. They’ve held opponents to under 20 points in 4 out of 6 games this season. Creating turnovers always helps, and so far they’ve done a good job of that producing eight turnovers on the season. Against a top ten offensive line in the Rams, we need to see the Bears get Goff under pressure and make him throw stupid passes that we’ve become accustomed to.

The Rams and the wonder coach Sean McVay are facing a defense they have struggled against in the past. Will he make the necessary adjustments to get them in a rhythm and ready to score? This is the first defense they’ve seen this year that you could consider in the better half of the league. Normally, I’d include the 49ers, but they’ve been decimated by injury. McVay has had pretty good balance of his offense with almost equal passing and rushing attempts which helps keep the defense guessing. I expect Goff to have good opportunities to hit shorter passes with Woods and Kupp consistently. They will look to get the ball out quickly and keep him upright.

Defensively, the name is Aaron Donald. I can’t imagine he doesn’t get at least one sack tonight on Foles. As usual, he will be doubled but still find a way to disrupt the Bears offense. I would assume that Jalen Ramsey will be on Robinson as much as possible. Again, though, the Bears have really only looked good on offense the second half of the Falcons game.

Player Props

Tight Ends have scored in half the games against the Bears so far, at +350 and with three touchdowns on the season, Higbee has some good value. The Bears have only had one receiver over 85 yards against them this season. The Bears have also given up 4 touchdowns to running backs, so Henderson could be a good play.

For the Bears, tight ends have also seen success against the Rams and Jimmy Graham is a favorite of Foles. Montgomery only has one touchdown on the season and averages about 50 yards. His over under is 56 yards, I don’t see him getting here, but it may not be good enough for me to put a play.

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