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NBA Draft 2023 Betting Advice

The 2023 season came to a close with the Nuggets defeating the Heat in the NBA Finals. A week later, we are here preparing for the next season with the NBA Draft that takes place on Thursday, June 22. Last season I did one of these articles and went 3-0 in the limited plays. Hopefully, we can replicate that. Just keep in mind, one trade could change literally every future draft pick. I don't put a lot of value on any of these, just something to have a bit of fun with.

MAX PLAY: Victor Wembanyama to be drafted 1st overall -20000. Just kidding. But, this is the only sure thing. It has been a sure thing for like three years. The Spurs are going to take him, in fact if they make us wait until the end of the time on the clock, I think we all deserve to get the opportunity to kick the front office in their nuts. The only exception would be if they announce that they traded the first pick for Nikola Jokic and Giannis at the same time. Wemby is a generational talent, supposedly. They aren't trading the pick.

So, what do we actually play? I like Brandon Miller to go second overall at +170. Scoot Henderson might be the better player overall, but Miller probably goes better with the Hornets team. Lamelo Ball is the key to the Hornets franchise and him and Henderson together might not be a great combination. Sure, the Trailblazers skipped Michael Jordan because they already had Clyde Drexler, but this isn't the same type of situation. The drop between Henderson and Miller isn't as significant as between Jordan and Sam Bowie. I actually wouldn't be surprised to see if they moved back in the draft, but Miller is going 2nd or 3rd in this draft. I think second is a good possibility.

Bilal Coulibaly is one of the guys that I've seen with extreme ranges for where he could be drafted. I highly doubt he goes in the top 10, and his current over under is at 11.5 I think it makes sense to take the over. There are a bunch of talented guys in this draft, but Coulibaly isn't one of the top 10 both consensus and in my opinion. Grady Dick will also likely go 11th to the Magic if he is still there, so that's another spot that Coulibaly likely won't go. Take over 11.5 at +100 (FanDuel).

Jarace Walker will probably go seventh. There is a possibility he is taken at six, but we know the first three or four picks are likely set in some order. So now you're talking about fifth or six and with all of these guys remaining, I think we get good value for Walker to be taken at seventh or later in the draft. I'm going to take the over 6.5 on this one as well. Most reports show him going 6th or 7th anyway. Interestingly enough, you could bet him to be drafted sixth at +470 or seventh at +300 on FanDuel. Might be worth a shot if you're looking for some fun.

One last one to take a shot on is Taylor Hendricks to be drafted ninth or later. He's got a lot of potential and unless the Mavericks trade up, I'd think they try and take him at 10th. He may be drafted before that as there are a number of teams that could use him on their squad. I think there is some value on him to be drafted at 9 or 10 this year.

If the Jazz draft Hendricks, the Mavs might turn their attention to Grady Dick, so him at the 10th spot in the draft could work. He is +500 to be drafted 10th. I think it is unlikely, but if you're looking for a long shot sprinkle that's one I'd consider.

- David

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