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  • David Troy

NFC West Win Total Bets

The NFC South prediction piece has been shared, and now we go through to the NFC West and discuss what could be for sports betting. Remember, these aren't the picks of BTB or BTBJesse. Those picks will be out soon with the NFL packages. Nothing official, but I am sure there will be a MAX play or two for you all to enjoy. Get your package by clicking Buy Package above.

Los Angeles Rams - 10.5 wins

The Rams got better in the offseason, and so did some of their divisional opponents. But, the Rams have a great head coach, they have a good quarterback, a strong defense, and some of the best skill players at their disposal. 11 wins seems very realistic, even after a Super Bowl hangover. Then again, looking at the schedule, and it is hard to see where those 11 come from. I don't want to doubt this, so I'll pass.

Arizona Cardinals - 8.5 wins

I think this is an under situation. I definitely won't bet the over. They might be successful defensively, but I'm not confident in them winning many games though. They were hot to start last year, and then they finished the season 4-6 over their last 10 games. They also will be without Hopkins and there are other question marks I have. I only see seven wins for them. I'll take the under.

San Francisco 49ers - 10 wins

The 49ers are going to be a tough team, and I even think they can win the division this year. If that is the case, I think they have to win more than 10 games, right? I'd guess it will take 12 wins, maybe 11 wins in order to win the division. Taking the over is putting a lot of faith in Trey Lance, but I like it. I just don't like it enough to actually follow through with it. I wouldn't touch the under though.

Seattle Seahawks - 5.5 wins

I don't see it. They have some really good offensive talent, but their intimidating defense doesn't exist anymore. That offensive talent that does stand out is being led by Geno Smith now. The only way I could look is the under, and I will play that.

Good Luck!

- David

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