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NFL AFC West Sports Betting Preview

We've reached the end of the AFC previews and are now focusing on the AFC West. There are plenty of questions to be answered in this division and we can take a look at each team to see which is the best way to go with each team. These aren't the thoughts of BTB or Jesse, but my own. I've seen the Football Futures package, and let me tell you, it is worth your investment. There are four MAX plays and a Double MAX. Simply click Buy Packages to get your full plays.

Kansas City Chiefs, 14-3 last year, 1st in division

They won the Super Bowl last season, in case you forgot. They have the best quarterback in football and he is still very young, again, in case you forgot. They have one of the best tight ends of all time, and a coach that is creative and the team seems to enjoy playing for, also in case you've forgotten about the Chiefs. I'm not really sure how you could forget any of these things because the Chiefs aren't going anywhere. The strangest thing about them is that they don't really seem to have a wide receiver that you have to fear, but Mahomes is so good, it really doesn't matter. My biggest question is about their defense. Still, they get to face the Chargers, Raiders, and Broncos six times as they do each season. That's probably five guaranteed wins if Mahomes is on the field. They will one again win at least 12 games this season provided everyone is healthy.

Los Angeles Chargers, 10-7, 2nd

The only other team in the division that had a positive point differential ended up being just +7 over the amount of points they allowed. How did their season end last year? They had a really easy matchup in Jacksonville and managed their game wisely and advanced only to be defeated by the eventual Super Bowl Champion Chiefs. That's what happened, right? No. Oh, yeah, they were up 27-7 at halftime and up 30-20 going into the fourth quarter. They lost the game to the Jaguars 31-30. So how do they respond to that? I am not really sure it will be positive, but they have the right pieces in place to be successful. Their defense simply must improve from last year if they want to be successful. Justin Herbert is one of the better young quarterbacks in the league and with a strong defense, he should be able to once again win 10 games. I'm not playing it either way though.

Las Vegas Raiders, 6-11, 3rd

The question for Vegas is how will the new quarterback situation work out. Instead of Derek Carr they have Jimmy Garoppolo under center now. Is that an upgrade, downgrade, or no change? I'm not sure, I'd probably lean toward a downgrade, but Garoppolo needs to be healthy for a full season for a full and fair interpretation of his performance. Davante Adams is still a top-tier wide receiver and if he has a connection with Garoppolo I think the team could improve. For whatever reason, they decided to get rid of one of the best tight ends in football, but they still have strong contributors. Their defense isn't anything overly impressive, but they should be able to at least keep the Raiders in most games. 6.5 games seems hard to win if you can't count on the quarterback to make it through 17 games. I just won't play it personally.

Denver Broncos, 5-12, 4th

The team can't possibly be more disappointing, can they? Last season they were very hopeful that Russell Wilson was going to lead the team back to relevance after some very uncertain years with quarterbacks. They have a couple of solid wide receivers and their running game should continue to be decent enough. The defense should be improved and they even added Frank Clark by taking him off of the Chiefs roster. Will Sean Payton turn them around? I don't see them making the playoffs, but they should be better at the very least. But again, it is hard for them to be much worse. The total of 8.5 wins, I'd probably have to take the under on this. I just don't see it happening.

Good Luck!

- David

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