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NFL NFC South 2023 Sports Betting Preview

We are approaching Labor Day and that means we are also approaching yet another season of the NFL. I've gone through almost every division and you can click Articles to read them all. These are my thoughts on what will happen with the win totals for teams in the NFC South, one of the more open divisions in the sport. These are not the plays from BTB or Jesse. That package, including four MAX plays and a DOUBLE MAX is available until Week 1 begins by clicking Buy Packages above.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 8-9 Last year, 1st in division

Tom Brady is gone. I mean, maybe he comes back, who knows what that guy will do. He didn't play poorly last year, but the team obviously wasn't that successful. It was probably time for him to hang it up and now the Buccaneers have to figure things out. How do they plan to do that? Well, apparently, they plan to do it with Baker Mayfield. Call me skeptical at best. I don't see how Mayfield keeps getting chances, but here we are with the third team he has started for. They still have some solid weapons in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, but I wouldn't be surprised to see one of them traded away during the season if they can find a deal. The defense might keep them in some games and they should play decent enough to keep games close, but this won't be a fun year for Tampa fans. I'd be surprised if they can get to seven wins and at -140, it makes sense to me to take the under.

Carolina Panthers, 7-10, 2nd

Speaking of a team that Baker Mayfield started for... the Carolina Panthers! I actually like their team this year though. Starting at the helm is Bryce Young, a quarterback who I think can translate his success at Alabama to the big stage. I don't think the year will be without error or issues as the Panthers grow this season. Adam Thielen is a reliable veteran receiver and DJ Chark is pretty solid as a secondary option. I liked their defense last season and think this could be the year they turn it all around to make it a full strong year. Will something go wrong for them? Probably, it seems to be the case for most of the Panthers' teams, but I think eight games is realistic for them and even think they can steal the division. I'd take the over on the 7.5 wins.

New Orleans Saints, 7-10, 3rd

This is probably the team that most people think will make the biggest impact this season. They have a new quarterback in Derek Carr, they seem to be healthier than normal, and they have a division that is up for grabs. I am here to tell you to pump the breaks a bit on this though as I don't have the same love for them as others. Carr hasn't really done anything with any team - maybe this is the motivation for him to be more successful this year, but he is a slightly above-average quarterback in my book. He's probably the best quarterback in the division by default. They have two stud receivers (I'll still count Michael Thomas here but I'm probably wrong), and Alvin Kamara will be back soon off of suspension but Jamaal Williams is there for them in the meantime. Will their defense be able to keep them in games? I don't think they made a ton of improvements, but last season they allowed the fewest points in the division. The books are listing them at 9.5. I really like the under. Maybe they sweep the division games and I look foolish here, but I'm okay being on the wrong side of this if they do win 10 games.

Atlanta Falcons, 7-10, 4th

I had no faith in them last season. In fact, I thought that they would be one of the worst teams in football (I said the same thing about the Seahawks and I was clearly wrong about those two). But, I once again don't have faith the Falcons will be that big of a threat. Desmond Ridder did a decent enough job passing the ball and had a solid completion percentage, but he only converted that to two touchdowns in four games. He didn't throw an interception though. Bijan Robinson will likely be the Offensive Rookie of the Year as I expect him to get a healthy dose of the football and offense. That should help open things up for Ridder, but he isn't sparking fear in anyone either. The defense is likely to be average. Can they get the stops they need when they need it? The book also has them at 8.5 wins, and I think the under is more likely than the over. I'd play the under once again.

Good Luck!

- David

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