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NFL NFC West 2023 Sports Betting Preview

We've reached the end of the sports betting previews here for I've covered each division and provided a brief analysis and thought on the win totals for each team. While these are not the thoughts of the experts, BTB or Jesse, hopefully they bring us a bit of cash if you play any of them. If you'd like to get all the football futures, which have 4 MAX plays and 1 DOUBLE MAX, click Buy Packages above and get the full card, it is available until Week 1.

San Francisco 49ers, 13-4 Last year, 1st in division

The 49ers are weird to me. They've made it to at least the NFC Championship twice in the past five seasons, and they don't really have a quarterback that they've stuck with in that stretch. I guess that is a reflection of how good their defense is. And, just in case you don't believe me, they allowed the fewest points in the league last season. After starting the year 3-4, they ended up going on a tear and winning 10 straight games. They took down the Seahawks at home and then they were able to outlast Dallas as well. Ultimately they looked really bad against the Eagles in the NFC Championship, but that was partly due to them not having a quarterback they could rely upon in that game. Brock Purdy was injured and it all went to hell. Now, Trey Lance has been traded to the Cowboys, and Jimmy Garoppolo is on the Raiders. Both of them started over Purdy last season and the 49ers have decided Purdy is their best and only option. How will it work out? Maybe it doesn't matter with their defense. Maybe their offensive weapons only need a game manager. Anything under 10 wins for this team has to be a disappointment. I think they go over, but I'm not too interested in paying the -145 juice with Purdy under center and Sam Darnold being the backup.

Seattle Seahawks, 9-8, 2nd

Seattle underwent a quarterback shift of their own last season. After years of having Russell Willson under center they sent him away and turned to Geno Smith who produced a solid enough campaign. If we are owning up to our mistakes or bad calls, I need to admit, last season I thought the Seahawks were going to be terrible. They found ways to win games. I still am not high on them, I don't think they make the playoffs, and I think outside of DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett there isn't much to be excited about offensively. I don't really think their defense is all that special. Still, they find a way to win games. I don't think they get to double digit wins and -155 is also more than I'd want to pay for the under 9.5. I will play under 8.5 wins at +140 though.

Los Angeles Rams, 5-12, 3rd

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. After winning the Super Bowl, the Rams couldn't even run back a campaign close to .500. Sean McVay was held as one of the best coaches in the game, but last year it looked like nothing could go right for him. They didn't seem to even really care about games. It was very strange. They dealt with injuries, but so have other teams. Two of their wins came after Baker Mayfield came over but he is now gone and the ball goes back to Matthew Stafford. Rumors are swirling that he isn't finding ways to connect with his younger receivers though so there has to be some skepticism of how successful he will be. The defense isn't as good as it was a couple of years ago, and probably will struggle as well, but I have to imagine they are somewhat better than they were. They are posted at 6.5 and I just can't put money on the over. I also don't think the under is a good choice so I'm staying off of it.

Arizona Cardinals, 4-13, 4th

Speaking of weird teams... The Cardinals looked like they would be a good young core and now they look like they are once again rebuilding. Kyler Murray is going to start the season on the PUP list so they are going to have Joshua Dobbs or someone else beginning their season. The best case scenario is that Murray comes back and the Cardinals are somehow .500. That might not matter anyway as Murray wasn't impressive last season. There are still some weapons for the Cardinals though with Marquise Brown and Zach Ertz. The defense should be okay overall, but I don't think you can depend on them to be dominant and win games for them. They have one of the lowest win totals in all of football. Three games seems possible for them to win, but you don't get much room for error.

Good Luck!

- David

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