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NL East 2023 Win Totals Previews for Sports Betting

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

The NL East keeps becoming stronger each year. Last year we saw two teams win over 100 games and three of the five teams make the playoffs. In this, the first of six previews, we will go through each team, talk about some of the key additions and key subtractions from the teams. We then will take a look at the potential win totals for each team and if there is a reason to play them or not. If you want to get all of the MLB futures from BTB and BTBJesse, you'll want to buy the full package. It is gearing up to be a great season and we want you on board for it.

Atlanta Braves, 101-61 last year, 1st in the division

The Braves followed up their World Series championship with another standout season. They were able to put together 101 wins and take the division once again. They ultimately fell a bit short in the playoffs as they were eliminated by their divisional counterparts the Philadelphia Phillies. The Braves didn't make a ton of additions in the offseason, but they did lose Dansby Swanson so their defense, and offense, will take a bit of a hit. The job will be given to Vaughn Grissom who I actually have a bit of faith in for the year. However, if the team wants to go anywhere it will need to rely on their starting pitching. Max Fried was great last year and so was Spencer Strider, who lost out to teammate Michael Harris II in the rookie of the year battle. Kyle Wright won 21 games for the Braves and he is the fourth pitcher in their rotation. He is injured to start Spring Training, and they need him back in order to make a big difference. I think 94.5 is a fair number for them so I won't personally play it. In a tough division, I'd probably head towards the under though.

New York Mets, 101-61, 2nd

Usually, when you lose the best pitcher in the game, you have to assume that the season is going to be really tough. However, when you replace that man, Jacob deGrom, with the AL Cy Young winner, Justin Verlander, the hope remains. The Mets future probably rests on the right arms of Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer. Carlos Carrasco is a talented pitcher and even new addition Jose Quintana could be a very good fifth starter. Most of the pitching question marks are surrounding the Japanese import, Kodai Senga. He has impressed in Spring Training, but he also is showing that he might struggle to find the zone at times. If he can control that, the Mets could have one of the best staffs in the entire league. I wasn't a big believer in the Mets last year, they proved me wrong. I don't see them winning another 100 games though. I'd probably take the under 94.5 but this is another I'd lay off.

Philadelphia Phillies, 87-75, 3rd

The Mets and Braves are somewhat highlighted by a good lineup with some stars, but built by their starting pitching staffs. The Phillies are the opposite. They have a decent enough rotation with some stars, but their lineup is stacked with hitting. I'm not confident in anyone in their rotation though which makes this team one that I'm not sure can get back to the World Series after their hot run from last year. Aaron Nola was great at times, Zach Wheeler was a Cy Young candidate, but after that, I think there are a lot of questions. Taijuan Walker is a good addition and they stole him from the Mets which helps. Their offseason was really highlighted by Trea Turner coming to the squad though. A lineup of Turner, Nick Castellanos, Bryce Harper, Kyle Schwarber, JT Realmuto, Rhys Hoskins, and then three more guys will prove tough for even the best pitching within their division. In order for them to be very successful, they will need a bounce-back season from Craig Kimbrel. He hasn't been the same since he left the Cubs in 2021, but if he finds that form again, look out. I do like their over 88.5. Their offense got a bit better and you could argue the other teams in the division stayed the same or got worse. I'll bet over.

Miami Marlins, 69-93, 4th

The Marlins... um... are... um... a baseball team. There's really not much to talk about here with Miami. They aren't a good baseball team, and that's not much of a surprise, they try to piecemeal everything together. Maybe we just talk about Sandy Alcantara here. He's the reigning Cy Young winner and had a hell of a season last year. Is it possible for him to replicate that success? I'm not really sure to be honest. This was the first year he had a sub-3 ERA, I'd expect him to go back up this year. I expect them to probably trade away Johnny Cueto even though they just added him. He could help them win a few games. Expecting them to improve eight games is a bit much to me. I'll probably get on the under at 76.5.

Washington Nationals, 55-107, 5th

Last season they pressed the reset button completely. They traded away the best young player in the game in Juan Soto and were willing to get rid of basically everyone they could. They still have an expensive pitching staff and I'm not sure that they will keep everyone this season. Stephen Strasburg would be someone that could gain a lot of interest, but he's so injury prone it is hard to rely on him for any reason. As for the rest of the team, if any player is having a good season, they are going to trade them away to the highest bidder provided they aren't under control for the next few years and are cheap. Losing 100 games seems pretty predetermined to me. I'm not sure I want to say that they will lose 103 or more though.

Opening Day is coming up on us quickly. Make sure to check out the MLB package and get those futures so you get all of the full plays from BTB and BTBJesse!

- David

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