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  • David Troy

Plus Money Lunch Money for Sunday Night Football: Cowboys vs. Vikings

We missed on our plus money plays last week, but we have yet another opportunity with the Cowboys and Vikings squaring off during Sunday Night Football. You know who didn’t miss last week? BTB and BTBJesse killed the slate. Make sure you buy the entire package to receive four weeks of their plays.

The Cowboys are coming off of their bye week so we will see how they come out for the week. Dak Prescott has looked great since returning from injury. Even after losing one of their top receivers, he hasn’t really slowed down at all. Their defense looks a lot better than it has in recent years and is coming up with stops when needed.

Minnesota is also coming off their bye week, so both teams are rested. Kirk Cousins has been sneaky good this year. He has protected the ball more than normal and his receiving corps is talented. Realistically, though this team still goes through Dalvin Cook. These are very similar squads that get to play in primetime. I like the matchup, but let’s see what we can play at plus money in the game.

The opposition has scored first in half of the matchups against the Vikings. The Cowboys haven’t had many consistencies with opening scores either, but there is very good value in Ezekiel Elliot to score the first touchdown. Cook is the favorite, but he hasn’t scored the first touchdown of the game all season. I will play Elliot at +650 as Cowboys running backs have scored a touchdown as the first touchdown of the game three times this season.

A smaller play that I like is the combined field goals in the game. I’ll take the over 3.5 field goals at +105. Both of the teams have strong enough offenses to move the ball and get into field goal range without scoring a touchdown every time. This is a pretty simple one in my opinion, we get two field goals from each team, this cashes with ease.

One last one to consider is a special on DraftKings, Elliot and Cook to combine for over 199.5 yards at +225. Both of them have only had two 100-yard games this season, but I think Elliot should have an easier time to get over 100 yards. If he can supplement the 80-ish yards that Cook gets, I think we should be able to treat ourselves to some gyros on this one.


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