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  • David Troy

2022 NFC North Win Total Best Bets

We know the cream of the crop in NFL. No, I'm not talking about the Rams, or the Bucs and Brady, or even Mahomes and the Chiefs. I'm talking about BTB who is now 10-3 in the preseason alone! All of these are free plays. A $100 bettor could've paid for almost the first two months of the NFL season with just those winnings. That doesn't count getting Jesse's plays. It is going to be a good year - get your package today. As for these plays, these are my thoughts on the win totals - not plays from BTB or Jesse.

Packers - 13 - 4 last year, 1st in division

The Packers decided the best way to keep Aaron Rodgers happy was to get rid of his favorite target and one of the best receivers out there, Devante Adams. Bold strategy, can't wait to see how it turns out for them. Still, Rodgers makes wide receivers, not the other way around. No disrespect to Adams, but it isn't like Rodgers will all of the sudden suck. At just 11 wins, I think that is a fair number. 10 wins should be expected, the extra two could be a challenge. So for me, I'm not playing it.

Vikings - 8 - 9, 2nd

The Vikings just seem to always have something go wrong, right? If they get to a good spot, their kicker misses a key field goal. If they get a solid quarterback, he becomes even more unreliable. If their running game is going great, he gets injured. It isn't a cursed franchise or something, but they always seem to have something happen. I think they are a .500 team (yes, I realize you cannot be exactly .500) but with a win total of 9, I think they probably land right on that number too. It isn't something I have a play on.

Bears - 6 - 11, 3rd

The Bears suck. Go ahead, look at their roster, think of your favorite team, and tell me who you'd want from the Bears on your team to replace who you already have. Montgomery? Maybe. Justin Fields if he can become what his potential is? Sure. Roquan Smith is probably a realistic desire, but still, that's about it. They are a bad team, with players that aren't going to be very good. This has been hammered, and I played it earlier, but the Bears will not win 7 games. I'm going to play the under. I'd be fine playing under 5.5, honestly. This to me was a MAX play before it was at -190.

Lions - 3 - 13, 4th

The Lions aren't as bad as that record indicates. I actually was encouraged by a lot of their performances last season. Now, some of that was a strong desire to not be a winless team, but they do seem to play tough for their coach. Goff is still not a good quarterback, he won't win you many games, but he shouldn't lose you more games than he wins for you. Swift is a solid running back, and their receiving corps shows promise. Couple that with a better defense, and they will have a better season, for sure. However, I can't play them to win seven games. Even if they are better, I'm laying off.

- David

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