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  • David Troy

NL West 2022 Division Preview

We’ve reached the finale of our series of Division previews. Hopefully, you’ve taken away a few plays, solidified some opinions of your own and are ready to get started with placing your bets. If you want all of the future plays, and even the 30-day package, buy a package from above.

San Francisco Giants, 1st Place, 107-55

I’ll tell you this, I certainly didn’t see this coming last year. The Giants winning the division? No way. Them winning 107 games? No chance. But, that’s exactly what they did. Their strength was a deep rotation. I’d only say this – aside from Carlos Rodon, I don’t have much confidence in any of their starters. Maybe their pitching coach has made a long-term difference, but to me most of these guys are journeymen that might not be able to replicate last year’s dominance. From a hitting perspective, they have a lot of guys that are contact hitters, which is a great approach because those power-hitting, strikeout prone players will not fare as well against the strong arms of the division.

Los Angeles Dodgers, 2nd Place, 106-56

Imagine winning 106 games and not winning your division, what a rough way to have to go through the playoffs. But, nonetheless, they did and they made it to the NLCS before losing to the Braves. They are still unbelievably deep in so many areas though. They lost Max Scherzer and Corey Seager and still will probably win 100 games. Kershaw is getting up in age and seems injured all the time. Bauer is a big question mark right now with his legal issues. But, it may not matter all that much. Their hitting is so good, both power and contact, they will be hard to beat.

San Diego Padres, 3rd Place, 79-83

The bad news is that they were expected to win the division last year or at the very least make the playoffs and they didn’t even finish above .500. The worse news is they now start the year without Fernando Tatis Jr. They still have a strong enough pitching staff that might be better their second year in San Diego, but we will see. They are probably the hardest team, in my opinion, to predict this year.

Colorado Rockies, 4th Place, 74-87

They traded away Nolan Arenado and let Trevor Story walk so that they could sign Kris Bryant. What? Why? There really isn’t much to put down aside from that sentence. The Rockies will not compete for the division. They likely won’t even compete to be over .500 this year. One thing to note – at home, the Rockies were 15 games above .500 and they were 28 games under on the road so keep that in mind for your daily strategies.

Arizona Diamondbacks, 5th Place, 52-110

Just an awful campaign for them last year. It isn’t likely to be much better this year, but I’d expect them to win more games than last year. Their team is going to struggle.

- David

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