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  • David Troy

Plus Money Lunch Money Plays for Bears vs. Packers

We are back once again for some Plus Money Plays for the Bears vs. Packers. We've hit a few of these this year, and while I don't have an official record, I'm confident enough to say we've probably profited on these free plays. Nothing crazy, we just put some pizza or lunch money on these, but they are fun. If you want to get full plays from the experts, BTB and BTBJesse, click the Buy Packages link above.

First touchdown scorer props are my favorite. I think there is difficulty in predicting them, but there is also good value. At home this season, the Packers have had five games and they scored first in three of the five. In the first two, they allowed a touchdown to their opponent through the air. In the other three, it was Adams, Dillon, then Rodgers. Two on the ground, one through the air. The Bears, who still have a good defense, but not the levels they were last season and don't have their best player, have played in six road games. In those six games, they've scored first once. I think the Packers score first for sure. They haven't scored the first touchdown on the road at all this season. I'm going to play Aaron Jones to score the first touchdown at +550. The Packers have done an excellent job of spreading the touchdowns this season. Rodgers actually is tied for the rushing touchdown lead. Jones has the team lead with seven.

The next play, we already touched on. The Bears still have a good defense, even if they don't come out very effectively in the first quarter. Chicago also knows how important these Bears/Packers matchups are. I'm going to take the Packers to score a field goal as the first score of the game. My reasoning is only that they should move the ball downfield, but may not be able to punch it in the endzone right away. Again, this one could go down in flames - all of them can, of course - but I like the chances of them scoring first (a burrito on Home Team Touchdown as the first score at +115 is worth it too). The only side I won't play is the Bears scoring first. Maybe they come out with a great game plan and destroy everything I've just written. I doubt it though. Matt Nagy hasn't done it yet, why start now?

The only other play I'll put out there is that the Bears should score more than one offensive touchdown. The Packers defense has been very good at home, but is two touchdowns that much to ask? Even from an offense as inept as the Bears, I have to expect they can find the end zone once now and once when the game is already out of hand. Justin Fields is playing so that should help them move the ball a bit more. I'll take the Bears to get two touchdowns or more at +115. Just a small plus money, but let's try to cash them all. Good luck!

- David

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