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  • David Troy

Plus Money Plays for Turkey Day

On behalf of everyone here at BeatinTheBookie, I want to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for you guys. We work hard at what we do and we love doing it. So to all the loyal followers and supporters, thanks. You've read enough of these already to know the concept, but we have a three-game slate for Thanksgiving, so I'm going to put a plus money play on each game. Hopefully, we feast all day instead of just at dinner. But, for a way to get your pockets stuffed, buy a package by clicking above.

Bears at Lions

The Bears have a lame-duck coach, who is reportedly coaching his last game on Thursday. This shows how dysfunctional the franchise is, by the way. Making a guy coach on Thanksgiving even though he knows and you know he will be fired? My play on this actually might be the Lions to win, the game at +135. As far as the prop market, I like TJ Hockenson to score a touchdown any time at +210. The Bears defense is still good, but because of the offensive ineptitude, they are on the field all the time. It's hard for them to maintain their effectiveness as a result. Last week, Ravens tight ends caught 8 receptions for 73 yards. Not exactly eye-popping numbers. Hockenson leads the team in targets and receiving touchdowns - not that it is significant, he's tied with three others. I'm taking him to find the endzone. I'll also sprinkle him to be the first one in there at +1200. I won't play it, but this dud of a game could see no touchdowns at +2500.

Raiders at Cowboys

This game should be much more fun to watch. I expect both teams to try and reestablish themselves offensively. The Raiders will have a harder time of doing so seeing as they face a talented Dallas defense. This isn't a great spot to predict anything. I think the Cowboys can march down the field the first time they touch the ball and score a touchdown. My concern is for Ezekiel Elliot and how he is utilized after rolling his ankle last week. I feel like Dak could be the first touchdown scorer in this game, and I might put a can of cranberries on this at +2500. If they get stopped a yard short, I expect him to sneak it in rather than turn and hand it to Zeke. I am going to play the Cowboys first score of the game as a field goal at +340. I think they move the ball but have to settle for the field goal the first time. This is worth me dropping the cost of a gourmet pumpkin pie on it.

Bills at Saints

Both of these teams are not playing their best football. This is a smaller play for me, maybe just the cost of some sweet potatoes. I'll take the Bills to score a touchdown as the first score of the game. The Saints have a good defense, so does Buffalo, but neither of these teams are playing to their full potential. I could see a field goal being the opening score, so maybe that's worth a play, but I prefer the Bills to make it into the end zone. They come out of most games pretty effective and with the national attention, I think they will come ready to play.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

- David

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