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2022 AFC North Win Total Best Bets

The NFL is just over a week away and we are almost done with the win total bets. We don't have a play on them all, and none of these are the plays of BTB or BTBJesse. If you want to see all of their plays, and their four combined MAX plays that are included, simply click Buy Packages and receive access to all futures.

Bengals, 10 - 7 last year, 1st in division

Being an underdog and flying under the radar is significantly easier than being the one with the target on your back. After an appearance that was just moments away from victory in the Super Bowl, the Bengals now go from being a feel-good story to being a team that everyone will focus on. The books have them posting the exact same record as last year. It does seem fair. Looking at their schedule, 10 seems to be the most logical outcome in this year. I don't have a play for them.

Steelers, 9 - 7, 2nd

When it comes to sports betting, you sometimes need to just make your own decision. BTB has given out that he likes the Steelers to go over their win total. The guy knows what he is talking about. He's the GOAT of sports betting, and I respect his opinion as my mentor and friend. This just isn't one that I align with. I don't trust Mitch Trubisky to be effective enough to keep them in games. Maybe I'm putting too much stock into his time with the Bears (a team that did him no favors). The Steelers have a good defense, and a lot of really good offensive pieces. Still, I don't see them winning eight games. I took the under on their win total.

Browns, 8 - 9, 3rd

Just stay away, guys. 11 games for Watson is a ton of time to miss. He can come back and they could win the final six games, or he could lose all six of them. I honestly have no way to tell. He hasn't played football in like two years. Jacoby Brissett is probably good enough to win them a couple of games to start the year, but I really have no idea. If I had to play it, I'd go under, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if they went over. I just don't have a good feel for them.

Ravens, 8 - 9, 4th

If you really want to look at the luckiest thing that happened to the Bengals last year, it was that Lamar Jackson went down. They went from an 8-3 team to finish the year 8-9. They did get rid of their best wide receiver, but Jackson still can rely on his tight end, Mark Andrews. Still, even after losing their last six games, they only had a -5 point differential after the season ended so they have a solid enough team. With Jackson back, I think the Ravens probably do win 10 games, but I'm not willing to pay that much juice. I'd rather just play them to win the division. (I played the Bengals, personally.)

Good Luck!

- David

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