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  • David Troy

2022 AFC South Win Total Best Bets

This, to me, is the least interesting division in all of the NFL. Still, it deserves some examination, because even if we don't care about the particular game, sports, or anything, you can cash a ticket just the same if you find an angle or edge. BTB and BTBJesse have already release their futures, and some of these plays align, some of them conflict, but they are not reflective of why. These are just my own opinions. If you want the paid package, it is still available. It is well worth the money as they have 4 MAX bets between them.

Titans 12 - 5 last year, 1st in division

The Titans took the top spot last year and did it without Derrick Henry for a portion of the year. Now they need to do it the full year without star receiver AJ Brown. Call me crazy, but I haven't thought Ryan Tannehill was the guy to back for a couple of years now. I've said this before, and I'll say it again. When watching the Titans, they tend to win half of the game, and just play mediocre the other half. It obviously resulted in a good record last year, but I think they regress with a tougher schedule this year. I think 9 wins is realistic, so I don't have a side on this one.

Colts 9 - 8, 2nd

Does having the top drafted fantasy player on your team mean you're going to kick ass? Probably not. I could go back and look up that kind of thing, but honestly, it doesn't matter. Jonathan Taylor will do what he needs to do, and the Colts will ride him into the ground. Matt Ryan, now at the helm, could provide a bit higher level than what Carson Wentz did last year. I do like the Colts defense, and as long as they don't have a late-season meltdown, the Colts should take this division. I like them to win at least 10 games. So, again, this will be a no play for me, but I'd only play the over if I had to.

Texans 4 - 13, 3rd

Okay, without looking, name one player on the Houston Texans that isn't Brandin Cooks. Yea, I really couldn't think of anyone either. Brandin Cooks should get his, but the rest of the team is trash. I'm sure their defense will have some bright spots, but offensively, I'm not relying on Davis Mills to win games. The total is at 4.5 and it seems like that is too high. I'm taking the under on this one. I'm not even sure the franchise is really trying to win this season.

Jaguars 3 - 14, 4th

Trevor Lawrence is in his second season. After being anointed as some sort of miracle, can't-miss prospect, his first season left a lot to be desired. He ended with just 12 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. That isn't to say he won't improve, I think he will, but he was only able to muster three wins for the Jaguars, and now we are to expect the Jaguars to win seven games? I only see about four wins on the schedule. So if we assume they win two more games and get to six, that is still under their total. I'm taking the under 6.5 wins for multiple units.

Good Luck!

- David

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