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2022 NFC East Win Total Best Bets

With just a few weeks before we get to the NFL regular season, we are wrapping up the plays in the NFC East for win totals. If you want to have the full slate of futures and plays from the NFL, you're going to want to grab the plays from BTB and Jesse. Their results speak for themselves, but in the preseason alone, BTB has gone 10-3 so far, and those are all free.

Cowboys 12 - 5 last year, 1st in division

Dallas didn't make a lot of noise in the offseason, at least not a lot of positive news. Amari Cooper left, and while they still have a couple of solid wide receivers, they will definitely miss his production. Defensively, they were strong last year, much better than the previous few years, but I am concerned they won't be able to replicate the takeaways. I do think they regress a bit, and I don't know if that will be one or two games, so I'll pass on their 10-game win total.

Eagles 9 - 8, 2nd

The Eagles are the only team in the division that I think will legitimately give the Cowboys a run for their money. If Jalen Hurts can improve his accuracy and they don't rely on his legs to win games, they have a real chance. They added AJ Brown and still have DeVonta Smith so the receiving corps should be something that the opponents need to fear. I do think they get to double digits this year and like them over 9.5 wins. It is a bit pricey at -150, but that is the only way I'd look for the Eagles.

Commanders 7 - 10, 3rd

You'll probably be disappointed to hear this, but this is another line that I think is fair. I don't force bets, but if I had to force one on this I would still have a really tough time. The Commanders should be at least as good as last season - they have a good defense, and they have some nice skill players. I do think Carson Wentz is a bit of an upgrade but is he enough to get them to 9 wins? I don't think so. I see them at seven or eight wins. With a line of 8 wins, I can't confidently play it either way.

Giants 4 - 13, 4th

Um, am I missing something? Why the hell would the Giants be expected to win seven games? Tyrod Taylor taking over might give them an outside chance of it. Other than that, where are the wins coming from? Daniel Jones is fine, but he isn't going to take a step forward large enough that the Giants are that competitive. If I'm being generous, they are winning six games. If I am saying "everything goes right for them" I see them winning seven games. Take under seven for as much as you're comfortable with and wait for it to cash in a few months.

Good Luck!

- David

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