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  • David Troy

MLB All-Star Game MVP Bets

The Home Run Derby saw BTB give you the longest home run hitter in the form of Juan Soto. Today Jesse's already tweeted out two plays for All-Star Game MVP. For those that didn't see, he took Buxton at 20-1 and Goldschmidt at 13-1. Feel free to play those, but below are my picks for the game tonight.

Shohei Othani at +390 is not worth it to me, but he, in theory, should have the best chance as he can pitch a couple of innings and if he gets a hit, or an RBI, he probably wins (provided the AL also wins). Even though the American League has won the past eight contests, I think the National League wins tonight, so I'll start there with the players I like.

Trea Turner +1600

Turner is a great player - he plays a premium position of shortstop, and he can hit for a bit of power but is more known for his contact. Against tough pitchers, if he can put the ball in play, he might find the crack in the defense and be able to make it on-base. Not only that, but he can create havoc on the basebaths. I'd expect him to try and take a base or two. I like his odds for being MVP.

Juan Soto +4000

Soto has been the talk of the weekend because he supposedly turned down a $440 million dollar contact so now he has even more heightened trade talk circulating him. Last night, he won the Home Run Derby even with a bit of controversy. Tonight, he is coming off of the bench. What a luxury to have one of the greatest hitters in baseball off the bench. I think he also will avoid the best of the best pitchers from the AL so he has a good chance to do some damage.

On the American League side, I'll only take a shot on one guy. By the way, all of these are like $20-50 bets for me. I don't see much of a reason to put money on these. It could be literally anyone in the MLB All-Star Game. One home run, base hit, key inning of pitching could get the winner.

Tim Anderson +5000

This is a similar thinking to Trea Turner. Tim Anderson is a hell of a player and very good at making contact with the ball. I could see him getting a couple of hits, maybe an RBI or scoring a couple of runs. Of course he could go 0-2 and do nothing, but at 50:1 this seems like a good value and player to back.

Good luck however you play them!

- David

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