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  • David Troy

Plus Money Plays for Cowboys at Eagles

Divisional games are always a good time and the scheduler did a good job this season of putting teams into divisional matchups for the Week 18 games. This one has a little less interest only due to the fact that the Cowboys really don't have much to play for, and the Eagles don't either as they've already made the playoffs.

The Cowboys can't really move up in the playoff standings, with the exception of a few strange and unlikely scenarios. It is most likely they will stay as the 4th overall seed and be there during the Wild Card Round. Also, beating the Eagles doesn't keep them out of the playoffs so there isn't any extra incentive. My assumption is that the Cowboys do everything they can to win the game in the first half. I expect very little effort from Ezekiel Elliot and a half-game from Dak Prescott.

On the Eagles side, I'd imagine that Jalen Hurts will also not play the full game. I'm sure they can move up or down based on a win or a loss, but I'd actually guess the Eagles win this game just so they can win at their home-field, and again, I assume the Cowboys pack it up the second half. Can the Eagles make a big splash in the first half and win? Of course, could they also lose the game outright and just work towards staying healthy? That's certainly a possibility.

I'm looking at a few plus money plays in this one. The first for me is first touchdown scorer. I expect Dak to try and get another touchdown before the end of the season and solidify his chances for Comeback Player of the Year. It is more in jeopardy than ever before thanks to great performances and a divisional clinch from Joe Burrow and the Bengals. So, my first play is on Amari Cooper to score the first touchdown of the game at +1100. Cooper is a favorite of Prescott and I expect him to go after him in the end zone. Personally, I don't think the Cowboys want to put Zeke in a bad spot after he has had a year filled with injuries.

On the Eagles side, I like the idea of Kenneth Gainwell getting two touchdowns in this game. The Cowboys have a respectable run defense, but after Hurts goes out (again, this is an assumption) I think Gainwell gets a ton of carries and we see him find the endzone probably once in each half, but I'll take the slightly safer play for a burrito dinner on Gainwell to score 2 touchdowns at +650.

The only other look I have is to play the Cowboys to score the first touchdown of the game overall. If this happens and it is not Cooper, this could bring back some cash for us. At +165, this is getting low in value, but the way I predict the game to go, it is Cowboys taking the first half and not caring about the second.

- David

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