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Plus Money Plays for Tuesday Night Football

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Well, sometimes things work out a bit for us. Instead of getting football on just Thursday, Sunday, and Monday, we've got games on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday (two games), and now Tuesday. BTB and BTBJesse already combined for 2u when they hit the Browns +3 last night, and I'm sure they will have more for you tonight. Pick up the package now and you'll be taken through the end of the regular season. I'm going to share a few plus money plays to drop some stocking stuffer money on from both games.

The Eagles and Football Team matchup tonight in Philadelphia. This is not going to be a great game to watch, in my opinion, but that doesn't take away from the fun of props. I don't trust the Football Team to score first at all. Not even a little bit. So, for six-way scoring that gives me a bit of an edge because I can eliminate three of the options up-front. I'm going to start by playing the Eagles to score a field goal as the first score of the game at +270 (found it on FanDuel didn't see an option on DraftKings). I think that the Football Team can stop the Eagles a little bit, at least enough for them to hold them to a field goal.

I liked the idea of the Eagles Defense scoring two touchdowns, but in reality, the odds are not exactly something I like. It is +2200, which is nice, but it is not what I would say is a good value. Considering they've only scored one defensive touchdown this season, I think we should be getting 30+:1 instead of just 22:1. Instead, I'll take Devonta Smith to score the first touchdown of the game. I am sure the team could rush the ball a couple of times and get it into the endzone, or Jalen Hurts could get in there, but Washington has allowed 15 receiving touchdowns, and more consistently, on the season. I'll take Smith at +1000.

For the other game, the Rams and Seahawks, I think it is a bit harder to predict who will score first. There is very little consistency between the two teams. One thing that we hit last time these two matched up was Tyler Higbee getting a touchdown. Unfortunately, he is out and I don't really have faith in his backup, but at +250, it is worth a shot for Kendall Blanton to find the endzone. I could also see the Seahawks trying to get ex-Ram Gerald Everett the ball in the redzone to score against his old team, that might be worthy of some Christmas Cookie money at +225.

The one last play I'll put on this one is for DK Metcalf. In the first matchup he scored the first touchdown and ended with two touchdowns. It wouldn't really surprise me if he had both of those things happen again. I'll play his first touchdown prop at +850. Good luck to everyone.

- David

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